The Final Approach

Whether we see it, know it,  comprehend it or not, our existence is one of fear, suffering and uncertainty. How then do we find some solace against the odds that are present before us?

We set about earnestly to acquire the capacity to let sense impressions, sense memory and recall arise, abide and cease. Whatever experiences we may have, good, bad or terrifying, they cannot be worse than a slow, agonizing, stifling death. We have to remember that such a thing is always possible, and it is never up to us to prevent or weather such an eventuality.

If we are lucky, the pleasant is easy enough to bear. However, relief is an illusion simply because the kind of death described above is always possible. Therefore, when things are difficult, we are bestowed one hope and one hope only. That we may have a restful, peaceful and painless death.

This hope must be our prayer, in good times and bad.

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