Most of the time our focus is on acquisition and consumption. We seek to acquire and savor happiness. This means that we are forever trying to generate the causes and conditions for this happiness.

This literally means that pain and distress have no place whatsoever in the scheme of our persuasions. Such a happenstance is detrimental and actually destructive. Designing wellness is best accomplished when there is allowance for disturbance. Seeking to get rid of disturbance is really increasing disturbance.

For allowance and hence maneuverability to come about, the causes and effects of our pain have to be made explicit. This is in short what we mean by identification.

Exploration of pain is exposure to what is disruptive. And without this exposure or identification, it is not possible to alter our sensitivities. Pain is in many ways about sensitivity and altering sensitivity is just not possible without knowing what it is that determines it!

However, there is a limit on how much pain can be actually identified. We have to find the optimal point and then practice ceaselessly to look into our conditioning and dispositions so that we can keep working to free ourselves from suffering.

We wish you luck and fortitude on this difficult journey but know that you will find freedom in the end.