Sitting with Distress

Learning how to just sit with distress has many benefits. The measure of how we are presents no commentary. The resources we have at hand to ease our situation, however, include the commentary we involuntarily engage in. Our measure of how things are though begins as a silent knowing. It is from this silence that distress stems as does joy and excitement. All we really have to do is recognize that this measure is our primary state.

Measure harbors nothing but measure. If we can try to remember that everything downstream is also modified measure we acquire the ability to view all mental events as background and not signals that we have to process or act upon. When we sit with what is aversive, we can learn to thus see that whatever urges a response as well as the response itself are nothing other than a basal state that needs no intervention.

This frees us to be spontaneously and inclusively at ease. We sense, feel and act knowing that this entire movement is really the canvas, not the content and that it is the canvas that extends. All thought, sense and action while being a state of measure therefore start to extend into what is prior to it.

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