A Measure of Selfhood

Whatever it is we are doing, we cannot but measure. There is some sense in saying that our being is essentially that of measure. The object of our concern is deciphered and defined through comparison and our machinations set on evaluation. Reward is assessed against its lack and accomplishment against want. Sensory information arises through impingement and its valence is a matter of factoring. Our decisions and our actions are based on possible effects which imply judgement. Our awareness and our activities can thus be considered processes largely involving calculation. This sort of setting confers the possibility of increasing precision but generates friction. 

Loss is thus built into our state of being. It is quite possible that the sense of such attrition is implicit in us. Our drive to live successfully could actually be a fallout of this awareness. The knowledge that reality is but a state of measure and that our proclivities are at best just approximations might be the reason for our becoming. The loss of selfhood is ever present and attachment to our individuality purely a reaction. What we perhaps do not see is that in letting go of this attachment is much greater maneuverability and freedom. The arrival at true value is likely only with this permissiveness. Judged against boundarylessness, all elements of selfhood including form and awareness are impediments. 

Being in the midst of a plethora of phenomena, we cannot help but fortify our perimeters. Gauging our self against everything else, we reinforce delimitation with measure. In doing so we are at the mercy of our own assessments and fail to view what lies outside our considerations. 

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